What’s in a name?

Photo: Marseille, Jan 2020

The Sumo Turtle isn’t an obvious choice, but it has meaning for me. Unfortunately I was an overweight youngster which led to a lot of bullying and ‘Sumo’ was just one of those taunts that hurt a lot at the time.

I wanted to reclaim it and recognise that it’s actually the name of an ancient form of Japanese wrestling. A very unique sport undertaken by overweight, even obese people – but a SPORT nonetheless, requiring commitment, training, mutual respect and ritual.

The Turtle is the water-loving version of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ in the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare. Like me, they may move quite well underwater, but on dry land it’s a different story.

These are also the creatures that often spring up in some of my favourite places representing the ‘Slow’ movement – which seeks to challenge the capitalist and consumerist idea that more and faster equals better.

Writers like Carl Honore http://www.carlhonore.com/ and Martinus Evans https://300poundsandrunning.com/, founder of the ‘Slow AF Run Club’ come immediately to mind.

So there you have it – but it’s mostly just a bit of fun, really!

S x

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