I’m a 40-something woman, I’m generally a creative soul and I tend to think a lot, sometimes far too much! The top priorities in my life are my family, friends and the various communities I’m part of.

I enjoy music (including singing and learning bass guitar) art, design, photography, nature, books and exploring different cultures through travel. More recently I’ve been challenging my preconceptions and past experiences of health, fitness and body image.

I’m proud to have been a fundraiser for a long time – which has involved a lot of writing – but I’m also a degree qualified interior designer. I don’t believe in pigeonholing!

Since 2010 I have been living in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh and I currently live in a small 2-bedroom flat with my partner. In 2016 I decided to experiment by living without TV for a year and in 2018 I discovered what’s popularly called ‘Minimalism’. Since then I’ve been exploring and questioning a LOT of my lifestyle, which has led me to start making small but meaningful changes.

This blog is a way to help me make sense of things and remember my experiences and life experiments. Mainly I hope it will connect me to interesting people and ideas, some of the things I love most in life.

Thanks for visiting!

S x

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