I read a lot, so let me do the research so you don’t have to! Below are some of the people, books and resources I find the most useful and inspiring.

For those who don’t enjoy reading books, there are also plenty of blogs, videos and podcasts available.

(*Please note, some of the writers below use bad language. This has never bothered me, but if it bothers you, please choose an alternative!)


The Minimalists Here is where it all began for me in earnest after watching their documentary on Netflix and their TED talks. Incredibly intelligent and thoughtful guys who totally believe in their mission and are great at communicating it. I particularly recommend their book ‘Minimalism’ as a go-to guide.

Joshua Becker The second book I ever read about Minimalism was ‘The More of Less’ and I still think it’s great. Particularly good for anyone with children, his writing is very relatable.

Courtney Carver Her book ‘Soulful Simplicity’ gives a compelling account of her complete lifestyle change after a devastating medical diagnosis.

Caitlin Flanders ‘The Year of Less’ is a brutally honest memoir of her year of implementing a complete shopping ban, how it changed her life and helped her heal from several addictions.

Carl Honore His book ‘In Praise of Slow’ perfectly challenges our ‘cult of busy’ and addiction to speed, showing how there is a better and much more satisfying way to live.


‘The Four Pillar Plan’, Dr Rangan Chatterjee Brilliant book exploring tried and tested holistic approaches to health by a U.K. medical doctor. I read the ebook then bought the paper book to keep as I loved it so much!

‘Not A Diet Book’ James Smith *Warning:Bad Language* All you need to know about fat loss and fitness in his inimitable no-bullsh*t style. Highly recommended.


Headspace This is how I learned to meditate and (together with lifestyle changes) manage my anxiety for the first time in my life. A truly brilliant resource full of considered and well-researched content and the best place to gradually learn and understand the techniques. I especially love the graphics and videos.

Calm Another great meditation resource and one I use together with Headspace.


Jordan Syatt ‘How to Stop Binge Eating’ (Video)

Geneen Roth ‘Feeding The Hungry Heart’ is incredibly revealing about what drives Compulsive Eating and Binge Eating.

‘Big Girl – How I gave Up Dieting and Got a Life’, Kelsey Miller Written with a lot of humour, it really hits home how dysfunctional and damaging the modern obsession with thinness and dieting is.

Mindful Eating One of the cornerstones of recovering from an eating disorder, this web page is a very helpful introduction.

‘On Eating’, Dr. Susie Orbach A small but powerful little book that I’ve had for a long time – it’s useful to dip into at times of troubled eating.

‘Intuitive Eating’, Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch This one was very important to me in my journey of breaking up from a lifetime of dieting and I refer back to it regularly.

‘Fat is a Feminist Issue’, Dr. Susie Orbach One of the first books of its kind from a groundbreaking psychologist.


Mark Manson *Warning: Bad language*- he is gifted with the capacity to explain some really complex psychology in a way that makes sense to real people. I can’t recommend him highly enough – don’t be put off by the titles!

Simon Sinek – ‘The Power of Why’ just makes an incredible amount of sense. Powerful concepts.

Matt Haig – a British author who uses his own experiences to write powerfully about depression.

Johann Hari – turns everything we think we know about depression on its head and shares some similar thoughts to Dr Chatterjee about the holistic importance of lifestyle, and how medication is not always the answer.

Gretchen Rubin Just a great read about her experiments to become happier in many aspects of her life.

Elizabeth Gilbert Forget the film adaption -the book is so much richer – one of the first books I read when exploring deep thoughts about life and happiness.


‘The Meaningful Money Handbook’, Pete Matthew – pretty much ‘the bible’ for anyone in the U.K. Immensely practical and helpful, takes you step by step through how to manage your finances for a less stressful life.

‘The Art of Frugal Hedonism’ – great book by two Australian authors about how being frugal can enable us to get the most enjoyment out of life.

‘The Escape Artist’ – U.K. blog about FI.

‘Meet The Frugalwoods – Achieving Financial Independence Through Frugal Living’ My favourite book and blog of its type, especially because the author always acknowledges her privilege. Shows just what can be achieved if you really put your mind to it.

‘Mr Money Mustache’ One of the originators of the FIRE movement in the U.S.A.

‘Your Money or Your Life’ For anyone who wants a truly ‘deep dive’ into overhauling their approach to money. (I’ve still not managed to finish it, it is quite complex!).

Money Dashboard (budgeting tool) I use this, it’s free and it’s excellent. Once it’s set up, you can track every penny in a few minutes a day. The first time I’ve ever seen my whole financial life (and expenditure) in one place and it really works.


Sue Reynolds ‘The Athlete Inside’

Raynor Winn ‘The Salt Path’

More coming soon……

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